Mentor - a website redesign and identity

UX/UI Design + Branding  |  Website, Branding, Print
Client: Mentor

Team structure: only me working directly with CEO 
and Head of Marketing  

// UX/UI Design
// Information Architecture
// Design Direction
// Design System
// Rebranding
// Print Design
// Design Guidelines

I worked directly with the CEO and Head of Marketing at Mentor, a strategy execution consultancy, to completely redesign and restructure their existing website and rebrand their identity.

The brief was to redesign and restructure their website in order to drive more audience and to create a consistent design system and brand identity that will work across different media and channels. The outcome ranged from a new logo, colour scheme, typography, and photography style guidance to a completely restructured website and the design of print and digital marketing materials.

The work spanned over 9 months, involving weekly sessions and workshops with the client to understand their business structure, identify their audience, create user journeys and flows, identify pain points and opportunities, produce and test wireframes, and develop the final website UI. Simultaneously, we worked on new branding, print, and digital marketing materials.

As a boutique B2B strategy execution consultancy with experienced and seasoned senior leadership, we opted for a simple monochrome black and white palette with occasional red accents, inspired by their previous brand.