NBA 75th Anniversary - an App to promote the history
of the NBA

UI/UX Design Director  |  NBA 75th Anniversary app
Agency: Rehab

// UI/UX Design
// Design Discovery
// Design Direction

WarnerMedia / Turner Sports briefed rehab to research and define a new innovative digital experience that uses emerging technologies to bring the history of the NBA and their 75th anniversary to today’s global fan base. They were briefed to deliver a four week discovery phase to explore initial design direction, UX mapping and technical thinking for this experience.

Within four weeks I worked on design direction and UI/UX concepts to visually define the experience. The concept was to create a "time machine" by exploring 75 greatest players throughout NBA history using archive photography, short video clips and key NBA moments via playful and visually stimulating aesthetic that appeals to the younger audience. The goal was to create a distinctive design language and dynamic identity by merging old imagery and footage with a modern look.

By utilising design techniques like collage, cut-out photography and visual echos together with kinetic typography the idea was to create a dynamic identity that is transformative and always on the move.